SJ’s World

You’re just living in it

Hi, I’m SJ! I’m a teacher, traveler, dog/cat mom, and avid book-lover.

The first thing you need to know about me is I’m a French-Georgia girl through and through. I grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta, but my experience there wasn’t exactly cookie-cutter. As the daughter of a French immigrant (my beautiful mother), I grew up between two worlds. One foot was always firmly planted at home in Georgia, while the other foot carried me through half of Europe. My parents raised me to be curious, to explore, and to try to learn something from every situation, place, and person I encountered.

I graduated from the University of Georgia (go dawgs!)  in 2020 with two bachelor’s degrees— one in Psychology, and one in Philosophy. After graduating, I decided to move to London, where I was lucky enough to attend University College London, and earned my MA in Philosophy. I am so grateful for those five years of schooling, during which I learned and grew so much. I’m especially thankful for my philosophy degrees, which helped me grow as a person and as a thinker.

After those five years, I decided to take a break to pursue a life-long goal of mine: teaching high school in inner-city Atlanta. What was supposed to be a year-long break from school has turned into something more significant, as I fell in love with teaching— especially with teaching my students. I say it all the time to anyone who will listen: my kids are the best kids, and I’m so incredibly happy to be going into my third year of teaching them.

When I’m not busy teaching, you can usually find me snuggled up with a good book and any one of the FOUR pets I share with my partner (if you think we’re crazy for that, you’re not alone). We have two dogs and two cats and, despite the fact that the largest of them weighs in at 80 pounds and the smallest at 8 pounds, they all love each other. Honorable mention goes to my ESA, Lennon, who is not only my best friend, but who has gotten me through the worst of times.

In terms of the books I read while cozied up with those pets, I read pretty much any and all types of fiction— and a lot of it. But I haven’t been able to get my mind off of M. L. Rio’s “If We Were Villains” since I read it in December (and I usually have the attention span of a peanut, so that’s saying something).

If I’m not teaching, reading, or cuddled with a pet, I’m picking up a new, random hobby. I’ve picked up embroidery, painting, beading, and most recently, sewing.